Chip Responds To Yungen In New ‘Peri Peri Sauce’ Video

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[UPDATE/BONUS: King MG breaks down Chip’s latest diss track]

Welp. Following the release of Yungen’s ‘Away Games’ (created in response to a surprising Nando’s run-in), Chip fires back with ‘Peri Peri Sauce’, spitting some pretty scathing bars over JAY Z & Co’s classic ‘You Me Him and Her’ instrumental. Check it out above…meanwhile, at the Play Dirty camp:

Yungen – Away Games (Video)

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So, last week the culture was treated to a video of Yungen being hemmed up by some hulk figure before managing to snatch away and making a run for it (losing his recently-bought Nandos in the process). You can check out a pretty good break-down of that below…

…above sees the Play Dirty operative responding to the video with a new cut titled ‘Away Games’. Truth be told: looking at the size of the guy, we probably would’ve ran too. No reason to get flattened out over some damn chicken, mate.

WSTRN Feat. Avelino, Yungen, Krept & Konan – Come Down (Remix) (Video)

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WSTRN reveal a huge remix for their latest single ‘Come Down’, which now features assistance from Avelino, Yungen and Krept & Konan. Above lies the black-and-white visual for the track, which is available via iTunes.

As a bonus, we’ve also included a new track from WSTRN member Haile — titled ‘Oops?’ — below.

Yungen Visits Poet & Vujanic On ‘FIFA & Chill’ (Video)


For their latest episode of FIFA & Chill, Yungen visited Poet & Vujanic for a fair game…during the visit, the Play Dirty emcee spoke on his new music, Liverpool, Leicester, Chip (naturally) and more.

If you missed it, you can check out Yungen’s latest — ‘Take My Number’, featuring Angel — here.

Gatsby – Essex (Yungen Diss) (Video)

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If you recall, somewhere in the midst of Yungen’s beef with Chip saw him making an unsavory comment or two about TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex). Enter TOWIE‘s Liam Blackwell (aka Gatsby), who decided to send for Yungen in response.

Long-story short, this has to be straight jokes for attention. Right, Chip?

WOW: Yungen Responds To Chip With ‘Oopsy Daisy Riddim’

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Wow. After Chip’s hard-hitting (as in freight train hard-hitting) ‘Michelle Riddim‘, Yungen bounces back with a crazy new diss titled ‘Oopsy Daisy Riddim’. Mad.

While we’re sure that Chip will return fire sooner than later (UPDATE: below), it’s clear that — for now — we have a proper match right now. Only left we wonder at this point: will Tinie finally jump in an respond?

So, Chip & Yungen Went At Each Other’s Throats Yesterday…

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This is what happens when you close up shop early. Yesterday saw Chip(munk) releasing his freestyle over Rude Kid’s ‘One Take’, and we got to see the latest emcee locked within his sights — Play Dirty’s Yungen. Apparently, Yungen said some lines in ‘Comfy’ that drew his ire…

Yo, man wanna talk about me at the MOBOs like I ain’t heard it/Man wanna talk about my nomination like I don’t deserve it

…which, interestingly enough, was a response to a couple of lines said by Chip on ’96 Bars Of Revenge’ (lines that we didn’t actually perceive as a diss, to be fair)…

Say what I’m saying ain’t true/Some of your best newcomers ain’t new/So if you’re gonna nominate Yungen/Big up, but nominate Sneakbo too

…and here we are today (UPDATE: Yungen kind of went into detail about the “beef” in a new interview). Yungen must’ve seen the diss coming, because he almost immediately responded with the scathing ‘Punk’, which you can enjoy below. This should be interesting.