NASS Festival 2017: Wiley, Method Man & Redman, Kano, Giggs & More


Extreme sports festival NASS has announced a very impressive line-up for this year: Method Man & Redman, Pendulum, Kano, Giggs, Sigma and Wiley have been confirmed as the main headliners. In addition, Krept & Konan, Loyle Carner, David Rodigan, Toddla T, Nadia Rose, Stefflon Don, Preditah, Ms. Banks and more will be hitting the stage as well.

NASS Festival takes place 6th to 9th July near Bristol…get more information (and tickets) here.

REVIEW: Wiley – Godfather

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First off: let’s not waste any time here — Wiley’s new album, Godfather, is one of the best Grime albums we’ve heard in a long time. With that said, here’s why:

For starters (and this is not a diss), Wiley eschewed the approach of other recent Grime projects that have pushed the culture further into the mainstream with a more Hip-Hop approach (this includes in inclusion of big names from that realm); instead, Godfather remained as close to the core of Eskibeat as possible while keeping things fresh. Twisting that dial even further, Wiley chose to stick with Grime vets over members of the younger generation this go ’round, specifically members of the collectives that he’s affiliated with — Skepta, Jme, P Money, Chip, Ice Kid, Frisco, J2K, Lethal Bizzle, Scratchy, Manga, Ghetts, Newham Generals and more make appearances.

The production is no joke, either: in addition to his own contributions behind the boards (example: the hard-hitting opener ‘Birds n Bars’), he also linked with Preditah, Rude Kid, Teddy Music, Darq E Freaker, Zeph Ellis, Swifta Beater and Kid D. All adding to a cohesive body of work that improves upon 2014’s Snakes & Ladders.

Long story short: Wiley’s here to keep what he helped to create going strong. If you like pure, unadulterated Grime, here’s one hell of a way to kick off your 2017.

Wiley Is Officially Back With ‘Godfather’ (Stream)


One of Grime’s greatest pillars (if not the greatest) is officially back in effect: today, the legendary Wiley liberates his new album Godfather, a 17-track offering that features many of his long-standing peers — Skepta, Jme, P Money, Chip, Ice Kid (!), Frisco, J2K, Lethal Bizzle, Scratchy, Manga, Ghetts, Newham Generals and more make an appearance.

You can stream/purchase Godfather below via Apple Music/iTunes…we’ve also included a recent freestyle visual and interview clip(s) with DJ Vlad for good measure.

Wiley Talks (Theoretically) Retiring, Grime, Kano & More In New Interview


Recently, Noisey did a pretty dope feature (that the author has a bit of a fine time trying to get done, apparently) on Wiley in lieu of his forthcoming album Godfather…within, the Godfather of Grime speaks pretty candidly on several different issues, including his latest claim of retirement, recent releases from his peers (namely, Skepta and Kano), Boy Better Know and much more.

You can check out the full editorial over at Noisey; we’ve included a few excerpts below. Godfather is released this Friday (13th January).

I was hoping to see you at Skepta’s show at Ally Pally last month. It was weird hearing your verse on the backing track.
Don’t do that, man, don’t do that. You’re killing me. You know it’s really funny because look, I wanted to be at Skepta’s show but I didn’t make it there, and the mad thing is when we talk about these things like, “Why wasn’t he there?” or “Why wasn’t you there?” – as much as it’s a fair question – it can sometimes cause hassle. I wanted to be there too, and – you know what it is – I just wasn’t there because I’ve got older and, you know, I’m a parent. When I was young I used to go and do whatever I needed to do. As I’ve got older I’ve slowed down a bit, and sometimes just not gone out there – that’s all.

What do you think of the big grime albums of last year? Are you a fan of Konnichiwa and Made in the Manor?
Listen, I think Konnichiwa is the right album for what this guy [Skepta] was trying to do and where he was trying to sell it. That’s what I’ve learned from listening to that record. I think Made in the Manor was the wrong album to be made by him [Kano] at a time when grime was in fashion. It was a good Damon Albarn album in the first place, to be fair. Why do I know that? I like Damon Albarn. You know what I’m saying? I’m happy for him and all the success, but that was the wrong album to be made in this time by that artist. If grime is in and it’s popping, and you can see Stormzy and anyone else bringing it back, and you’re so good at it, you could have just given a fifteen track grime classic to follow up Home Sweet Home.

Is The Godfather a grime album then?
It could only be. I can’t call myself the ‘Godfather of grime’ and then make an album that’s got two grime tracks and the rest is Damon Albarn. They’re going to say I’m not. The thing is, if you listen to what’s going on at the moment there isn’t actually a barrage of grime out there. There’s a lot of stuff that’s between grime, trap, whatever it is, which I’m not dissing – I love it. So, yeah, no disrespect. Made in the Manor is actually sick, sonically and all the rest of it. It was just the wrong record to be made by that artist at this time.

Do you have an age in mind where you think you’ll stop?
This is my last album, in theory. You know, Wiley the brand, you’re not going to see me trying to cane the arse out of tens of Wileys, you will not. I’ll always use my money to do other, smart things. Like, I’m never going to just be like trying to squeeze money out of stuff. I’m always gonna be trying to do different things and properties and more properties. Shit like that can keep you and your family and brothers and sisters going when you’re older.

Wiley Feat. Skepta & Belly – U Were Always, Pt. 2 (Video)

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When we first heard Wiley’s latest track (via Beats 1), we were pretty much stamped in regards to how great Godfather would be. Now, said track — U Were Always, Pt. 2, which features Skepta and Belly — gets a crazy new visual courtesy of Ceon Broughton.

Check that clip out above; Godfather — which drops 13th January — can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

Wiley – ‘You Were Always Pt. 2’ (Feat. Skepta & Belly) & ‘Holy Grime’ (Feat. Devlin)

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Two crazy new tracks from Wiley, one of which comes accompanied with a visual:

  • Above lies a new visual for ‘Bring Them All/Holy Grime’, which features Grime/UK Rap veteran Devlin. The black-and-white clip sees direction from Wowa.
  • Below, Julie Adenuga premiered another track on Beats 1 titled ‘You Were Always Pt. 2’, which features Skepta and Belly.

Two very good reasons to pick up Wiley’s forthcoming album Godfather, released 13th January (pre-order via iTunes). So far away.