RECAP: Skepta & Nasir Mazhar’s Red Bull Catwalk Collaboration

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A couple of days ago, Skepta & Nasir Mazhar’s SS15 collaboration finally took to the stage at Victoria House as part of Red Bull’s Catwalk Collab series….in addition to the musical mashup created by the two (which you can listen to below), Dazed Digital got some great snapshots of the event, of which we included a few above (one of which shows Skepta himself, who walked the fashion line).

Prior to the fashion show, Dazed asked the duo some questions regarding how they collaborated on both the music piece and the catwalk show together creatively, a special jacket for Skepta, throwing away the cliché designer brands and more. Check out a few excerpts below:

Dazes: Skepta, making music for a fashion show must be quite different to making music for the radio or the club.
Skepta: Yeah, it is. Normally I can make a song in four or five hours, but we’ve taken quite a long time to make this song because it is obviously different. For one, there are no lyrics on it, so you have to keep people interested with the beats and instruments.

Dazed: And Nasir, what hand have you had in the music?
Nasir Mazhar: There have been some references and putting across ideas and thoughts on what it should be.

Dazed: I hear you’ve been hitting the keyboard too, though!
Nasir Mazhar: Yeah. I did a bit. That was exciting!

Sidebar: I would have loved to have made that after party at Bethnal Green, I bet it was even more off the wall than the catwalk piece.

UPDATE: Tempa T posted an Instagram vid of peer Skepta doing his thing at the show…you can check that out below as well.

UPDATE #2: i-D has their official recap of the strip club after party. Check that out below.

Skepta, JME, Tempa T, Sox & Many More Perform ‘That’s Not Me’ Mega-Remix On 1Xtra

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Skepta continues to create new moments in Grime history: this time, bringing along JME, President T, Tempa T, Sox, D Double E, Kruze Leon, Subzee and more to perform an even bigger remix of his new banger ‘That’s Not Me’ (just check out when the beat switches old-school before turning into an all-out cypher…sick).

Even better, the crew perform the track live on BBC 1Xtra for Toddla T. Massive.

Simply put, the above clip is 20 minutes of pure gold….the wait for Skepta’s forthcoming album Konnichiwa is hitting a fever pitch at this point.

Ace Hood Feat. Skepta – Supposed To Do

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We were definitely waiting on this collaboration. A little backstory for the folks who aren’t aware:

Back in 2012, Skepta dropped a project called Blacklisted…on that project was a song titled ‘Ace Hood Flow‘, which saw the Boy Better Know emcee blasting all UK artists that feel they need to rap like Americans to get ahead rather than be original. Sometime after, Ace Hood revealed during a radio interview that he had heard the track and had already reach out to Skepta to work on some music.

And now, the day has come: check out Ace Hood and Skepta’s new track, ‘Supposed To Do’, produced by Foreign Mob & Young N Fly and premiered courtesy of Charlie Sloth on BBC 1Xtra (with rewinds aplenty; skip to 5:26 to avoid interruption). We need that CDQ soon! CDQ added.

Sidebar: maybe Skepta will score a Rick Ross collab next?

Skepta Feat. D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & Jaykae – That’s Not Me (All-Star Remix) (Video)

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SBTV links up with Skepta, D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & Jaykae on Roman Road E3 to shoot the All-Star remix of the hit single ‘That’s Not Me’, shot in a pretty classic fashion from a couple of different perspectives (one of which is from Grime media outfit Risky Roadz).

Konnichiwa is coming soon.

Skepta & Boy Better Know – Tim Westwood Interview


Following a dope performance and with the best of Boy Better Know in tow, Skepta speak to Tim Westwood backstage at the Forum about the performance (which also brought some of Meridian and Bloodline on stage together), his new single ‘That’s Not Me’, his forthcoming album Konnichiwa, the state of Grime music and more.

This was obviously the same show that Cam’ron was schedule to perform, but didn’t due to apparent ‘Beef’.

Skepta Performs At The Forum (Video)

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While Cam’ron wasn’t able to make the stage for, um, debt-related reasons (I’ll just leave that one there), his supporting act Skepta thankfully did, and he didn’t disappoint. Check out some his dope set at The Kentish Town Forum (which also featured his Boy Better Know brethren as well as some Bloodline artists….crazy), where he performs some classic cuts from the classic Blacklisted and more. Courtesy of Listen Up LDN.

Skepta & Nasir Mazhar Collaborate For Red Bull Catwalk

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Skepta and Nasir  Mazhar X Red Bull Cat Walk Studios

Leader in Grime slash Boy Better Know general Skepta is linking with designer Nasir Mazhar to create the soundtrack for Mazhar’s SS15 London Collection catwalk show, which goes down 17th June. The show — which we would imagine would feature original tracks by Skepta and the BBK collective — takes place at Victoria House and is followed by what is sure to be a sick afterparty at the Metropolis stripclub in East London.

This is all courtesy of the Red Bull brand, who spoke with the two on the collaboration; you can check out that interview in full here….we’ve thrown a couple of quotables below, in which the two begin explaining how they create together.

Red Bull: How have you two worked together – weren’t you in the studio all hours discussing this collaboration?
Skepta: That was the first day we ever met, we were here ’til like two in the morning, going through songs. It’s cool – I normally make music on my on my own, in my own headspace, but it’s good having Nas, like when he was playing stuff on the keyboard, I was feeling, ‘Rah, this is not something that someone who can make music would play.’ But this is his feeling on the keyboard and that’s sometimes how you get new things. Like with the clothing side of things, that’s his forté but I might say something that’s really raw or that he hasn’t thought of as he’s in the industry. It’s nice, I do think that music and fashion are both a result of pain and the love for something at the same time. That’s why they go together so well. It’s a perfect collaboration, I think that it’s right for me to do this.

Red Bull: I heard that you started writing the track while watching videos of Nasir’s past catwalk shows?
Skepta: We had it playing on YouTube on mute, just to have it in the background. It was a vibe, all of it just goes together. So for me, learning about it and watching people on the catwalk, it’s like a music video and I’m making the soundtrack to it. As a producer I know that a bass sounds really good here or a kick drum sounds really nice there, but for this kind of thing it’s more of a feeling, some people are going to be sitting and watching people walk out with clothes so we’re looking for noises, sounds that are fresh to people’s ears, something that sounds new. We’ve got clips of old grime footage of Dizzy and Crazy Titch just shouting and going sick on each other. It’s all about the atmosphere, we’re not trying to make the biggest festival song of the year, we’re trying to create the sickest atmosphere for the sickest clothes that are gonna come out on the runway.

Nasir: For me it’s the first time I’ve been able to work with someone who cares so much about the sound. “What does that sound evoke? How does that sound make you feel?’

Skepta Feat. D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & JayKae – That’s Not Me (Remix)

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Skepta just took his instant banger, ‘That’s Not Me’ (originally featuring JME), and recruits Newham General D Double E and fellow East Londoner Tempa T along with Meridian alum President T and Birmingham/Invasion Alert representatives Sox and JayKae for one hell of a remix. Ripped from Logan Sama…not sure if the remix will also appear on Skepta’s forthcoming project Konnichiwa.