Stormzy Covers Kanye West’s ‘Ultralight Beam’ (Video)

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This is super dope: during a recent visit to BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge series, Stormzy breaks out a crazy cover of Kanye West and Chance The Rapper’s The Life Of Pablo collaboration ‘Ultralight Beam’. Just another reason to be excited for Stormzy’s forthcoming album Gang Signs & Prayer…speaking of, you can catch the South Londoner breaking down the new album (which can be pre-ordered here) in a recent interview with The Guardian.

Big Sean Covers Kanye West In The 1Xtra Live Lounge

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During his (current?) UK excursion in promotion of his new album I Decided., Big Sean stopped through BBC 1Xtra’s Live Lounge to perform some tracks for the listeners/viewers. In addition to a couple of cuts from said album, the Detroit rhymer also broke out a cover of Kanye West’s Granduation track ‘I Wonder’. You can check out the clips from that set above and below.

So, Kanye West Met With Donald Trump… (Video)

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UPDATE: Kanye later took to Twitter to explain why he visited Trump Tower, although — to be fair — we fail to see how they could’ve tackled any really important issues in only 15 minutes. See those tweets below.

We won’t stay on this too long: Kanye West, fresh out of hospital, has decided to continue his pro-Donald Trump campaign by visiting the American president-elect in the now-highly-guarded Trump Tower. He then stopped to take a picture.

MORE KANYE WEST NEWS: Is Kim Kardashian Considering Divorce?

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This week, Kanye West continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons following his recent release from hospital. Here’s the latest:

  • Much like sister Khloe was with her ex-husband, it’s now being reported that Kim Kardashian wants a divorce following Ye’s full recovery. She also allegedly wants to keep the children post-divorce. Being that they’re currently living in separate houses (and, you know….they’re reality stars and need constant drama to make money), this could be a possibility.
  • Some good news: it’s also been revealed that Kanye is currently in his home studio crafting new music with the likes of Pete Rock…out of that, we even get to see what looks like a draft tracklisting for the previously-announced Turbo Grafx 16. You can see that and some in-studio clips below.

Kanye West Feat. French Montana & Cam’ron – Ass Shots

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Cooking up new Kanye x Montana prod. @foreign_tech #bang #CB

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Some couple of years ago (above), French Montana teased what sounded like a pretty dope collaboration with Kanye West. Today, that song has apparently leaked somehow; titled ‘Ass Shots’ (…), the track also sees ‘Ye and French joined by Harlem veteran Cam’ron. Not much else is known about the single at this time.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably also heard that Kanye is once again a free man after being released from hospital — you can read more on that here.

More Kanye West News You Might’ve Missed This Past Weekend

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Currently, the world is on Kanye Watch, as the rapper-producer remains hospitalised “for his own health and safety”. Here’s the latest on the Chicago star:

  • There are several varying reports about the ‘Ye’s current state in hospital. Mainly, he’s doing better and wife Kim Kardashian is by his side. One conflicting report did state that his condition had actually worsened, becoming so paranoid that the doctors couldn’t touch him. There’s no confirmation from any party, so take each claim with a grain of salt.
  • The responses from ‘Ye’s peers continue to pour in as well. Below, you’ll find additional support from Lupe Fiasco, Lady Gaga and even DMX.
  • A bit random (we think): we’ve always understood rapper-turned-political/activist Rhymefest to be a close friend and collaborator of Mr. West, although more recent reports seemed to point at otherwise (ex. speaking on being ‘Ye’s ghostwriter while dissing the raps on The Life Of Pablo, among other things). Anyways, Rhymefest — the apparent Creative Director of Donda’s House — has announced the purchase of Kanye’s childhood home as a “community arts incubator”. Check that out below as well.

#ToLiveIsToSuffer #GetUpAndTryAgain #whengodisforyouwhocanbeagainstyou #OnlyYouCanDefeatYou

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Even More Kanye West News: More Details On Hospitalisation, Being Banned & More

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Image source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Kanye West news continues to pour in following his latest rants and subsequent hospitalisation:

  • Everyone’s favourite tabloid — TMZ — has revealed details of what might have led to Kanye West’s mental break: first off, they’re claiming that West tried to assault a gym staff member…this is supposedly coming from his doctor (Dr. Michael Farzam), the formerly unknown person who called police. According to them, he was concerned about a patient named “Jim Jones” (somewhat hilarious) and stated that he was “[suffering] from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration”. He also also handcuffed when put in on a stretcher (and in an ambulance) as is “protocol [for] when cops are told someone is on a 5150 hold”.
  • While many are offering support to the producer/rapper (more on that in a second), one station has decided to ban Mr. West definitely, thanks to his anti-radio comments in Sacramento (including plenty of “radio, f*** you” quotes peppered throughout). Hot 103.5‘s Justin “JayMarZZ” Marshall played The Life Of Pablo track ‘Fade’ before cutting it off and declaring it off-limits: “Everybody came out to have a great time Saturday night. A lot of fans in the building–a lot of people had spent a lot of hard earned money, bro, a lot of hard earned time–time, time, time. Time is something we can’t get back. Everyone can get a refund back–but you can’t get your time back. You can’t get the emotion back that you were gonna put into that show, to watch someone that you love–the person you buy their music, to perform. This is called “a moment,” folks–these are what make our lives. Moments and memories to share with each other and stuff, and he took that from people Saturday night.” He also made sure to diss the Kardashians as a whole, who he called “the fakest family in the world”. Welp.
  • Yeezy did get some positive vibes from his peers: namely, Pusha T, Chance The Rapper and past collaborator Twista, who all gave their prayers and support. You can check those out below.

I want to extend a special prayer to my big brother Kanye West… I know there’s a lot of weird folks out there but you already know that I’m a hundred grand. I want to just extend this prayer and this love from all the way in Britain. We might come home early to see this. Happy Thanksgiving.

[Listen to Chance The Rapper’s full performance on BBC 1Xtra.]

6 yrs ago today I was apart of one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. You invited me to Hawaii and said "pick whatever tracks you love and write to all of them." I got greedy, I stopped going to play basketball with you every morning and proceeded to write to 8 songs on your album. U kept me on 2, "Runaway" which was your platinum single, and "So Appalled" which put me on a song with you, Hov, Cyhi, Swizz, and produced by Rza. Thinking back on it, it really was all a set up. You were setting me up to be the solo artist I never saw myself as. So on the 6th anniversary of MBDTF and as the President of your label G.O.O.D. music I wanna say thanx for the endless opportunities you have brought to me. P.S. I think it's time we all head back to Hawaii @kanyewest ::whenever you ready:: #GOOD

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[From Twista, as seen on FakeShoreDrive:] I woke up this morning and i felt the need to prayer for those who might not have a voice to pray. The music business is a very stressful business to be in, i been doing this for a very long time and believe me when i say it takes a very strong minded person to go thru the daily shit that you have to go thru. “the smile of a clown” a clown gets paid to make other people happy, even if that clown might be going through a mental break down, that clown can’t let the public see him cry or else he might loose the only job that helps him take care of his family.

the music business is all about profit and elevation, the more hotter you are the more money you make, the longer your career lasts. the only catch to that is no one stays hot forever, no one can be new over and over again, so now you have the pressure from your fans, record label, friends,family, bill collectors, and the media to keep making hot music and never get old. take a min and think about that, can you imagine the pressure and responsibility a person gotta have not only to be successful but also to stay successful too?

So today I pray for my man Kanye, and i ask everyone to do the same too, wanting help doesn’t show weakness, it actually shows character and it lets people know you too are you human and you too have feelings too. when the provider needs help, who can the provider turn too? When you have sooo many people that depend on you everyday, who can you turn to just to vent out to or just breath too without feeling weak to?

No one is perfect when it comes down to living life in general, so this morning i pray my homie. I pray that Kanye finds that one thing that money and fame can’t buy. #APeaceofMind Chicago Loves you bro…

Drake Dances To Taylor Swift, (Seemingly) Responds To Kanye West

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drake-amas-2016Image source: Getty

It’s become clear that Drake doesn’t care what you’re dealing with or going through in real time: if you throw a shot at him, it’s coming back just as hard (we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?). Case in point: check out his acceptance speech at this year’s American Music Awards, as well as a comment that he left under DJ Khaled’s congrats…

…which sounds like he’s directing a threatening response — via appropriated patois, no less — to Kanye West (or anyone that’s dissed him, really…Meek Mill could fall under this), who happened to take shots during a recent Saint Pablo tour stop. Since then, ‘Ye has been hospitalised for yet-to-be-confirmed reasons.

In related news, the same hardcore gangsta we’ve come to know as Drizzy also starred in a recent Apple Music promo, which saw him getting back into comedic mode. You can see that below.

This guy is really confusing nowadays.

Kanye West Reportedly Hospitalised

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Image source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Following a series of bizarre events that have ended with the cancellation of the Saint Pablo tour, it’s now being reported that Kanye West was hospitalised and put “under observation…for his own health and safety”. A source apparently put in a welfare call to the Los Angeles police earlier this afternoon.

Story developing…in related news, a 35-minute interview with ‘Ye was recently revealed by Surface Magazine, which sees him (mostly) speaking on fashion and the usual genius commentary. You can enjoy that below. UPDATE: This probably isn’t helping matters, but Ray J has responded to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ visual with a new diss track that features Chris Brown.


More Kanye West News: Show Cancellations & Random Images

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So, Kanye West is definitely reaching news levels of WTF (at least in regards to public opinion) following a recent show which saw him supporting Donald Trump (even though he didn’t vote) and the building of a wall across the U.S./Mexico border. It also doesn’t help that he then followed up that show with an even more questionable set in Sacramento, which only ran some 30 minutes and three songs in (he also took shots at JAY Z, Beyoncé, Shia LaBeouf and Mark Zuckerberg). Fortunately, attendees of that show got refund from Ticketmaster.

Then: the make-up show that he set up in Los Angeles was abruptly cancelled. No clue as well why, but it seems like he found that free time to post a series of random images all over his Instagram account. According to director Eli Russell Linnetz (he shot ‘Ye’s ‘Famous’ clip), the slew of pics are part of some art installation.

So, what’s next?

Kanye West News: JAY Z, Donald Trump, New Yeezy Colourways & More (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: In Kanye’s latest rant last night (added above), he set his sights on Beyoncé and JAY Z. He also continues his support of Trump and ends his set after only three songs, following his arriving on stage an hour and a half late (he did also reunite with KiD CuDi, so there’s that). Really understanding why JAY isn’t feeling ‘Ye these days.

Once again, Kanye West finds a way to dominate the headlines for something other than music. Here’s what went down this past week:

What you see above is Kanye West’s latest rant, which went down in California (it was the beginning of the Saint Pablo tour’s second leg)…not only did Kanye West not vote, he states that — if he did — he would’ve voted for Trump. He also revealed that he’s preparing for a presidential run in 2020, and — despite supporting the one guy who doesn’t have his best interests at heart — he’s still pro Black Lives Matter and pro-women’s rights. Alright.

In related news, it’s been revealed that, back in 2014, ‘Ye donated $15,000 to the Democratic National Committee…seeing that the DNC is corrupt (thanks, WikiLeaks), we wouldn’t be surprised if that helped push ‘Ye to the other side.

Finally: new Yeezy colourways! The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 styles will be dropping this Wednesday…most outlets (whether digital or in-store) will begin reservations for the shoes tomorrow (21st November). May the odds be in your favour. Check those out below as well.

Drake’s Latest Diss To KiD CuDi Was Co-Written By Kanye West (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: Drake’s main producer/engineer Noah “40” Shebib sets the record straight in a new interview with Genius, stating that he “made it from some drums [Kanye] had given me. Not quite the elaborate story the world is looking for.” It’s also presumed that ‘Ye earned a writing credit by default as a co-producer. So there’s that.


Here’s an interesting twist in your latest Rap beef.

As you probably know, Drake and KiD CuDi are currently at odds right now, thanks to initial tweets made by CuDi prior to his rehabilitation (tweets that also sent shots at Kanye West, but more on that in a second). Since then, Drake has released a track titled ‘Two Birds, One Stone‘, which responds pretty scathingly to CuDi and — another long-standing enemy — Pusha T. The track was good enough that it even drew CuDi back to Twitter (while still in rehab, mind you) to send some pretty direct threats.

Meanwhile, Kanye has since taken the high route, wishing CuDi well and even sending out a tribute during recent Saint Pablo tour stops. Here’s the aforementioned “twist”: since ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ was officially released, its credits have revealed that Kanye is actually one of the song’s co-writers. Interesting.


Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that ‘Ye is two-faced; his contribution could have had nothing to do with the shots sent on the track. Still, we can’t help but wonder how all parties will respond to this.