The Weeknd Reveals That New Album Title Pays Homage To David Bowie


In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, The Weeknd revealed that the title of his new album — Starboy — pays homage to the late, great David Bowie. It was also revealed that the Canadian singer was supposed to get into the studio with Prince prior to his death:

“I just love Bowie, I think he’s the ultimate inventor,” he says, noting that the album’s title is partly a nod to Bowie’s 1972 anthem “Starman.” And Tesfaye was scheduled to go into Paisley Park studio with Prince when his longtime hero died in April. (The last time Prince appeared on television was to present Tesfaye with one of his two American Music Awards last November.)

You can read the full interview here, which also sees The Weeknd speaking on Drake, Daft Punk, his Ethiopian heritage, why he cut his locks and more. If you missed it, dates from his massive world tour are also available.

Lil Wayne Gives Some Very Controversial Comments On Black Lives Matter (UPDATE)


UPDATE: Wayne has now responded to the criticism over his latest interview via TMZ“When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses.

“Apologies to anyone who was offended.”

So…what are his real thoughts on Black Lives Matter if what we saw weren’t genuine?


Lil Wayne just went full Trump in a recently-released sit-down with Nightline. In the clip, which you can see above, cameras followed the veteran emcee to Amsterdam, Miami and New York, which saw a new look into his life; this was interspersed with a presenter asking him questions about Black Lives Matter (wait for that), his lyrics and more. And boy — he got wild:

[Black Lives Matter] just sounds weird, I don’t know that you put a name on. It’s not a name…It’s not ‘whatever, whatever.’ It’s somebody got shot by police for a f***ed up reason.

I am a young black rich motherf***er, if that don’t let you know that America understand black motherf***ers matters these days I don’t know what it is. That man white, he filming me I’m a n***a. I don’t know…don’t come to me with that dumb s*** ma’am. My life matters, especially to my b***hes.

I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. I’m connected to this motherf***ing flag right here…

As he pulls out his red bandana and angrily steps out of the interview. Obviously, this is pretty shocking, given that he 1.) created the poignant ‘Georgia Bush’ and 2.) acknowledged Black Lives Matter during a recent (enough) performance.

We must also say: it’s pretty known that Weezy can get downright savage with his words when he’s annoyed or irritated…this happened during a European interview in the past (which we saw in the polarising Carter documentary) as well as during his now-iconic deposition that followed. His rather-ridiculous responses to Nightline’s questioning might have been because of this.

What are your thoughts?

Bruno Mars Sits Down With Zane Lowe, Performs In The Live Lounge


Here’s a surprise: Bruno Mars has decided to do an interview (which is rare) in support of his forthcoming album 24K Magic, released 19th November (pre-order via iTunes). Sitting down with Zane Lowe, Mars speaks on the album and single of the same name, working with Adele, Prince’s passing, performing with Chris Martin and Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and much more.

In addition to that sit down, Bruno was also (presumably) recently in London, where he performed for BBC’s Live Lounge series. During that, he broke out a dope rendition of Adele’s ‘All I Ask’ (a song that he co-wrote). Check that out below.

Check Out Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’ Press Conference (Video)


Justin Vernon is an eclectic fellow. He never does things the typical way; this was especially the case with Bon Iver’s latest (dope) album, 22, A Million. Now, we get to see a press conference from Vernon, which is presumably an alternative to a typical press run…and it’s pretty weird. You don’t even see the guy’s face.

Anyways, check out what he has to say about Bon Iver’s evolution with the new music:

It needed to sound a little radical for me to feel good… It’s not embarrassing, but the old records are of this sad nature…circling in the same cycles emotionally feels boring, I guess. There’s still some dark stuff and whatever but I think cracking things, and making things that are bombastic and exciting, and also new, and mashing things together, and explosiveness and shouting more…that was more the zone. Shouting. Whispering was the thing before.

He also joked that the next album could be “some black metal s***”…that would be interesting. Check it out above.

Crying Azealia Banks Gives Her Side Of The Story In Russell Crowe Altercation


Yep: instead of making new music, Azealia Banks is once again devoting her time to yet another conflict with someone else in the entertainment industry. This time, it’s Russell Crowe (and by default, RZA), of whom she found herself getting thrown out by during a hotel party earlier this month.

Above sees her sitting down with Access Hollywood to tell her side of the story. She also cries, if that means anything.

Morrissey Feels That He Should Be In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame



…and we honestly do agree. As off-putting as he can be, Morrissey’s legacy outside of The Smiths is definitely locked in, and should be honoured. Anyways, he gave his opinion during a recent interview with FasterLouder, which also saw him speaking on Brexit, his vegetarian stance and more.

You can read the full interview here…the aforementioned comment is below:

I’ve taken the position of serious analyst on this issue for quite some years and I now think that The Smiths are listed as, for example, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees, because people generally think that The Smiths also covers Morrissey – which it doesn’t. Consequently we have PJ Harvey as a Hall Of Fame nominee yet it can’t be argued that she has ever meant more than Morrissey in the USA, and needless to say I have never been a nominee.

Lady Gaga To Reportedly Headline Rock In Rio 2017


ggaFeatured image source: Getty

Looks like Lady Gaga will be leading the festival circuit next year. Several reports are stating that Mother Monster was recently announced as a headliner for next year’s Rock In Rio Festival in Brazil, which takes place 15th to 24th September.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, we do know for sure that Aerosmith will be taking to the stage. So there’s that.

While we wait for a confirmation, fans can check out Gaga’s new album Joanne here. In related news, she revealed to Zane Lowe that one of the album’s tracks, ‘Angel Down’, was written about Trayvon Martin.

WATCH: Kendrick Lamar & Rick Rubin Have A Meeting Of The Minds


Epic is the right word to describe the near 50-minute conversation had by Kendrick Lamar and legendary producer Rick Rubin at Rubin’s Shangri La studios in Malibu, California. It was all done for GQ Style — they’re currently gearing up for the release of their holiday issue (released 1st November — you can check out the photo spread here).

Check it out above…they literally speak on everything. We even get (somewhat of) a glimpse into Kendrick’s next album.

Ray BLK – Durt



On 28th October, Ray BLK will release her new project Durt, a seven-track effort that sees appearances from Stormzy, SG Lewis and Wretch 32. Just recently, the South London singer stopped by Annie Mac to premiere the project’s title track as the latest Hottest Record In The World. She also explained the single in a brief interview at BBC Radio 1:

‘Durt’ really is about that point in the relationship where you’re both not trying anymore… You’re parting ways, but not saying you’re parting ways. You’re just living two separate lives.

Check it all out below and pre-order Durt here.

Frank Ocean Gives Interview At White House (Video)


This past week, President Obama and wife Michelle held their final White House State Dinner, which saw Italian Prime Minister Renzi and wife Agnese Landini as guests of honour. Naturally, this was their largest dinner since Obama first became president, so many notable people joined in the festivities.

In addition to Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean was also in attendance, bringing his mother — Katonya Breaux — as his guest. He also did a very short but notable interview (his first since seemingly forever) that saw him speaking on his choice of attire (he wore Vans), what he’d ask Obama at the dinner and if he supports Hillary Clinton. Check that out above.

CHECK OUT: Jaja Soze On Not For The Radio (Video)


The legendary Jaja Soze was the latest guest on Not For The Radio, which saw him speaking on a variety of topics, from long-standing crew PDC, life before music (and his career since) and much more. He also spoke on DVS, who has reportedly pleaded guilty to the rape and false imprisonment of a woman (read more on that here).

Nicki Minaj Talks Meeting Lauryn Hill, Meek Mill & More In New Interviews



UPDATE: Nicki clarified her Kanye comments, making it clear that they weren’t a diss to him at all.

Nicki Minaj has been hitting up all radio stops following her recent TIDAL X performance, including The Breakfast Club, HOT 97 and even a feature with Marie Claire. During the interviews, Nicki gave details on her forthcoming album, her beau Meek Mill (and his various beefs), meeting Lauryn Hill, other female emcees and much more. In the Marie Claire feature, she also gave her feelings on how Black women in relationships are often treated, even referring to a classic line from Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’:

I’m so tired of black women feeling that when our men get rich, they’re going to leave them for a woman of a different race…It wasn’t funny when Kanye said [in his 2005 hit ‘Gold Digger’], ‘When he get on, he’ll leave your a*** for a white girl’ – and Kanye happens to be with a white girl now. It wasn’t funny when he said it; it was the f***ing truth.

You can read the Marie Claire interview in full here…the other interviews are below.