In addition to his forthcoming album The Journey Man (released 16th June), Goldie has also announced a new autobiography in the works titled All Things Remembered:

Don’t wish too hard, kid, it might come true…Where am I? I’m on the stage at Ronnie Scott’s, with the band bouncing off the end of my fingertips, the alchemy’s flowing and I’m making the best music of my life and trying to understand where this all went right. All Things Remembered is not just the story of how and why, it’s everything from the children’s homes to the Whispering Wheels roller-disco to rolling with the graffiti kings of New York to writing with David Bowie to reinventing myself as the Dorian Gray of fucking breakbeat. It’s a music book like no other, and I’m very excited to be working with Faber and Ben Thompson to get my dreams down on paper. In no less than five dimensions.

All Things Remembered drops 2nd November via Faber Social.

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