The name of the game for Big Sean is consistency and growth. Since the release of his big debut Finally Famous (hell, even the mixtapes prior to that), the Detroit rhymer has continue to push his craft forward, building upon catchy records, meaningful substance and — of course — rapid-fire, ever-changing bars…now, we get to see even further into Sean’s evolution with I Decided., a semi-conceptual project meant to be a reflection on decisions he’s made in his life (and what might’ve been if he chose differently).

In addition to the quality packed into this album, we’re also impressed with with the minimal amount of features, all of which still provide maximum impact: Eminem completely slaughters ‘No Favors’ (yet doesn’t overpower the main artist), Migos (who are sailing thanks to their latest release, CULTURE) continue to show their abilities on ‘Sacrifices’ and R&B Stalwarts Jeremih, The-Dream and (girlfriend/TWENTY88 member) Jhené Aiko all provide a nice dose of melody and soul on their respective tracks. The closing track — ‘Bigger Than Me’ — also features Starrah and The Flint Chozen Choir, adding to the powerful, inspirational message(s) peppered throughout the album.

I Decided. is polished, but still raw; it’s a continuation of Big Sean’s growth as an artist, perhaps proving just how much he deserves the crown over other, seemingly lazy hitmakers in his group (*ahem* Drake *ahem*).

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