Gotta be honest: after hearing about all of the shut downs and closings (thankfully, Fabric has returned from the dead), we’re surprised to hear about any kind of venue opening in London these days. With that said, here’s a surprise:

A 5,000-capacity “music and culture space” titled The Printworks is set to be open for business. Located in Canada Water, the massive (16-acre) venue was once home to The Evening Standard, Metro and Daily Mail until 2013 (hence the name). For reference, it’ll be the size of 20 Fabrics.

Much of the building was apparently left as is, keeping a rawness and atmosphere which will certainly add to the experience. There will also be six separate spaces, which will hold all types of events: art/fashion shows, dining events, concerts and everything in between. The main space in question is a long, narrow room which held the printing presses — this will be where your favourite DJ will take to the stage.

Read more on The Printworks via Time Out London.

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