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UPDATE: According to TMZ, Drake may have actually had reason to be pissed — Meek Mill reportedly tried to block Drake’s after-party in Philly (along with other bully tactics). This also explains Meek’s response below.

So, a whole year following his big beef with Meek Mill, Drake is still throwing some rather serious shots at his opponent. It began a couple of nights ago in Washington, D.C., which saw him changing lyrics and outright calling Meek a “p***y”:

As you can also read from the description, the very next tour stop saw Drake in Meek Mill’s hometown of Philly…and he didn’t let up, either:

While Meek Mill responded by insinuating his apparent attempt to reach out (and then removed his response, which you can still see below), it’s becoming apparent that Drake is still feeling some kind of way…buy why? Because he’s no longer classified as a real emcee (can’t be one with ghostwritten lyrics, sorry)? Maybe he still wants Nicki Minaj?

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