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Jeremy Corbyn is calling for an independent investigation into the tax controversies revealed in the Panama Papers leak — that includes David Cameron’s family, of which his late father Ian was implicated.

While Downing Street insists the the matter is private, Corbyn — while speaking during a Labour launch event — feels that the subject of taxes makes the issue very public:

It’s a private matter in so far as it’s a privately held interest, but it’s not a private matter if tax has not been paid. So an investigation must take place, an independent investigation.

I think the Prime Minister, in his own interest, should tell us exactly what’s been going on.

When pressed on his own income, the Labour Party leader had no problem responding about what’s in his pockets:

There is no problem with my tax affairs, they are very, very limited indeed. I have got an income as an MP, sadly I have got no family trusts of any sort.

For what it’s worth, the PM did defend the accusations; in addition, Cameron demanded his own credit for fighting tax evasion during an event in Birmingham, claiming that no one before him has “done more to make sure we crack down on tax evasion, on aggressive tax avoidance, on aggressive tax planning both here in the UK and internationally.”
As far as whether Cameron should resign? Said Corbyn:

Let’s take one thing at a time. We need openness, we need an examination, we need a decision after that.


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