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This past Sunday saw Major Lazer descend upon Havana, Cuba as one of the first acts to perform on the island since the U.S.-Cuban Thaw. It was a free public concert that took place at Tribuna José Martí, right near the U.S. Embassy…the event served as a pre-cursor to the forthcoming festival Musicabana, which takes place 5th to 8th May and will also see Diplo & Co. That event will feature additional appearances from Sean Paul, Ibeyi, a host of Cuban acts we can’t wait to check out and more (stay up to date on Musicabana here).

Said Diplo of the experience:

I was lucky enough to visit Cuba a few years back with my friends Calle 13 and during my four days there my mind was blown by the people, depth of culture and their way of life. Going back to perform in 2016 and to be a part of the culture once again is a huge blessing and I couldn’t be more honored to bring the Major Lazer project there.

Check out some recap vids of Major Lazer’s show below; if anything, it definitely solidifies our excitement to visit!

A couple people came out for @majorlazer in Havana.

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