Last week, several notable media outlets began a smear campaign against Bonkaz; at the centre of this were past charges the South London emcee received as a youth — a false imprisonment charge and the more publicised sexual assault charge that have seemingly put his career in danger. Thankfully, Bonkaz (who did address the matter via social media) has received overwhelming support from his Grime/UK Rap peers.

Above, Bonkaz sits down with Not For The Radio to fully address the charges, the legalities (including misadvice) and the circumstances surrounding them. We also learn how the outlet that first pushed the story probably did so partly because of their own issues with another media entity — all at Bonkaz’ expense.

After listening, the only thing we have to say is: this is a young artist who (like many of us) made certain mistakes in his life, yet has matured into a hard-working and deserving guy with a bright future ahead of him. Seeing the media take man’s past and twist in into something it’s not (ex. comparing Bonkaz’ situation to Jimmy Savile, which is absolutely ridiculous in itself)….we have no words for it.

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