For the holidays, Skrillex has taken his track ‘Stranger’ (which can originally be found on Recess) and given it a eerie beautiful remix, recruiting Tennyson and White Sea for a dope assist. The new version functions as part of (his label) OWSLA’s Nestivus charity campaign, of which the song’s proceeds will go to various children’s organisations (including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Bridges for Music and Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community).

Skrillex spoke with Hypebeast on the track’s visual and charitable purposes:

[On the visual:] I approached Andrew Donoho, the director, because I knew he was really good at doing run-and-gun lifestyle videos. In a lot of his old videos he never even used actors, he likes to stay away from them. He’s really good at creating scenarios with real people, and that was the whole sentiment behind the video. I wanted real kids in real situations to sort of create something. Almost like documenting something that really happened and that’s how it felt, even though it was scripted in the sense that there was a video treatment. But everything was really natural.

[On the campaign:] We’ve been working with Bridges For Music for a few years now, which is a non-profit that originated in South Africa, and it was an opportunity to incentivize the subscribers at OWSLA IV – our subscription service through Drip.FM where we give special content out – and sort of educate them with what we’re doing with Bridges For Music. They’re building a school right now in South Africa, a music school in Langa township. Nestivus has been putting money towards that project through the month of December.

Check out more on the single/visual here.

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