Dev Hynes has let go of a powerful new song and visual for ‘Sandra’s Smile’, which he’s revealed is in reference to Sandra Bland, a Black women who died while unlawfully in police custody (even her death — ruled a suicide — remains under hazy circumstances).

Check out his breakdown below, given via annotation on Genius:

I had a somewhat delayed depression upon Sandra’s death. I was hurt and upset and mad instantly, of course… but I think a part of me had my eyes closed, as a form of numbness..a few days later it hit me and i was unconsolable.

How many times have you heard of some celebrity whose career is indebted to black people and their love of black people, who then have to put out a public apology for throwing around the term n****, or the other side, become deafly silent when we really need their help or voice?

Check out ‘Sandra’s Smile’ above.

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