Kanye West was recently in Atlanta for 107.9’s epic Birthday Bash concert, which also featured appearances from Future, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and loads more (check out plenty of vids courtesy of Luis Gaud here)…during his set, West broke out a freestyle (above) that seems to address racism in light of the senseless hate crime killings in South Carolina.

Following the show, the Chicago emcee-producer (who, by the way, is now expecting a baby boy with wife Kim Kardashian) was then spotted at a Waffle House with none other than OutKast and 2 Chainz, which then seemed to lead to a studio session; check out the photos below to see what we mean. a ‘Ye-Chainz collab is certainly not a new idea, but could it be possible that OutKast might come together for a new record?

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