The world is apparently on fire due to a new video that surfaced showing Rihanna and her crew having a ball on a tour bus. Or backstage at an event. We really don’t know.

The point is that the clip in question supposedly shows her using cocaine, or some relatable substance…and she might be. Why is this news?

First off, it looks like Rih Rih has a square in her circle, because — if she was in fact doing what people are accusing her of — then her “friend” should have caught that. Secondly, I can only imagine that the folks that are now (once again) bashing Rihanna for the image that this brings to the consumer are doing so while smoking their cigarettes (and many drinking some alcohol).

This woman is a multi-millionaire who’s probably set for life, her family included; she can do whatever the hell she wants. I wouldn’t mind joining her.

UPDATE: Rihanna had this same sort of controversy years ago, and she denied using cocaine. Marijuana, however, is definitely a drug of choice for the Pop star.



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