We over at Content Dope continue to expand our database regarding the artists all over the world that continue to make great music. With that said, the latest that we’ve come upon happen to be from Vermont in the U.S. Garage masterminds The Vacant Lots — who released the psychedelic-Garage project Departure last year — will be headed over to the UK and Europe in the coming months, which will give everyone the opportunity to check out how dope these guys are.

Check out the dates to see when The Vacant Lots Will be hitting your town below (London will get their opportunity at Birthdays 16th March)…you can also check out a few visuals from the duo as well.

10 The Fat Fox, Portsmouth
11 The Exchange, Bristol
13 The Joker, Brighton
14 Cosmosis Festival, Manchester
15 West Indian Club, Rugby
16 Birthdays, London
18 Rover, Thessaloniki, Greece
19 Hobo Bar, Larisa, Greece
20 Kourdisto Portokali Bar, Arta, Greece
21 Six D.o.g.s, Athens, Greece
24 Kablys, Vilnius, Lithuania
25 Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm, Sweden
26 Drone, Copenhagen, Denmark
27 Bang Bang, Berlin, Germany
30 Epplehaus, Tübingen, Germany
31 Li, Lugano, Switzerland

03 Lio, Brescia, Italy
04 Bronson, Ravenna, Italy
11 Killer Mathilda Fest, Lisbon, Portugal

Content Dope staff writers.

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