Above, Macklemore becomes Macklemore in his guest appearance on the long-running children’s show Sesame Street, and provides Oscar The Grouch and Co. with a fitting trash-oriented remix of the mega-hit ‘Thrift Shop’.

Seeing him on here certainly reminds us of a point that he made in a recent interview regarding race:

Why am I safe? Why can I cuss on a record, have a parental advisory sticker on the cover of my album, yet parents are still like, ‘You’re the only rap I let my kids listen to.’…If I was black, what would my drug addiction look like? It would be twisted into something else versus maybe, “Get back on your feet!” The privilege that exists in the music industry is just a greater symptom of the privilege that exists in America. There’s no difference…I got put in that ‘hero’ box and I think that when that happens, it’s because of white privilege.

Content Dope staff writers.

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