This is dope: former foes Wale and Complex have come together in the name of the forthcoming Album About Nothing by giving the Washington, D.C. rapper the cover feature alongside Nothing collaborator Jerry Seinfeld — who is clearly giving Wale a run for his money with the crep game.

One of the more interesting parts of this interview is when the topic of Wale’s former beef with Complex (which all stemmed from a top albums list and subsequent, very angry phone call) came up:

Wale has had a rough relationship with COMPLEX. Have you heard the phone call he made to us last December?
Jerry Seinfeld: I love it. That was good entertainment.
Wale: It’s all an angle. I learned that from wrestling. It’s just like a story. My devious plot.
JS: All good entertainment.
W: [Laughs.] Well, at the moment it wasn’t entertainment.
JS: I know, but that’s what makes it good. I enjoyed it. I was laughing so hard.
W: I got burned for that, though.
JS: You did?!
W: Yeah, a lot of people called me on that.
JS: Why?
W: Because it’s not good to call and yell at people and be like that.
JS: I disagree. That was fun for everyone involved. Even the guy on the phone, look at the story he got. You filled in a lot of air with that.
W: It wasn’t fun for me, though. It’s good now to laugh at it.
JS: Well then, it’s good! All good entertainment starts with a painful moment. And if you’re an artist you can take that pain and do something.
W: I learned from it. Although I wasn’t happy with certain things in my career, I checked some things in myself. It’s rough to try to act like this doesn’t affect me, so when things happen, why not let people know it’s affecting me and move on with my life? I’m more open with how I feel, like, “I don’t like this, but it’s not the end of the world, let’s keep moving.” I don’t think it’ll happen again.
JS: No, I don’t think it will. It’d be tough to beat. If it happened again you’d have to be even angrier.
W: I bowed out. One and done.
JS: It’s a good one, though. It was a classic.

You can read the full piece here (a must-read, mind you); below, we’ve also included additional clips from the feature where Wale and Seinfeld talk hecklers, strip clubs, life as celebrities and more, as well as some behind the scenes footage from the feature shoot.

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