Theophilus London blesses the masses with a new single titled ‘Do Girls’, which will be featured on his forthcoming album Vibes (released 27th October; preorder on iTunes). While this is a strong record, fans (ex. us) are looking to hear the full version of the Kanye West-assisted ‘Can’t Stop’ (fun fact: Kanye executive produced London’s album).

Below the audio, you can check out the Brooklyn, NY artist speaking on his relationship with Kanye West (courtesy of HYPETRAK, where you can read even more from that interview).

I met Kanye in Cannes four years ago, and ever since then we’ve been friends; just talking on email. When Watch the Throne came out I was like, “Yo! Congrats man, I like it.” And he’s like, “Yo! Let me call you, and explain the album to you,” and I was like “Alright.” He would call me at six in the morning, while he’s in Paris and I’m in New York and just talk to me about his projects. We’re just boys you know. It was never about music, I never came and pushed my music on him. I didn’t even think my music was cool enough to show him yet, and I think he knew that too. It was just vibes. He was waiting for the confidence. When he was writing Yeezus, he invited me over to his house, Tyler (Tyler the Creator) came over too, and he was like “man I’m going to look out for y’all. You’re like my little brothers.”

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