We just saw a pretty lengthy interview with Charles Hamilton, which pretty much showed just how extreme he still is (as far as his thoughts and logic), but that was apparently not the least of what we can expect from the emcee/producer….because we now have a slew of new music to dissect and enjoy/hate (depending on where you are on the fence with this guy).

How did the music get leaked to the masses? Some guy named Zach Gero sent the music (two albums titled My Heart and The Zone) to Pigeons & Planes, with the blessing of Charles Hamilton himself. He also described the albums:

I know Charles personally. He told me to leak these albums. Even has the Pharrell track there on My Heart. Oh, and, Charles is well aware of the leaks, like I said I know him personally and he told me to leak it. My Heart is Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio and The Zone is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for

As far as what Charles Hamilton has been up to, Gero then stated that Hamilton has been back and forth between Harlem and London working on on new music under imprint Turn First Records (yea, me neither). Whatever project that he’s working on was apparently supposed to be a ghost-writing/production deal before it upgraded to a true album.

Since the post originally went up, the former was removed from P&P’s playlist, so perhaps that particular project wasn’t supposed to be leaked (I also see that the project was in queue for release to major fare 4 years ago). Nonetheless, once something hits the net it’s there to stay, so you can check out both projects in full below (as I will).

Sidenote: ‘Runaway Groom‘ and ‘Jeezy Hamilton‘ are still one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard from anybody to this day (even ‘Brooklyn Girls‘ was a strong single). I hope that Charles Hamilton is making a return to that.

FOR THOSE THAT ONLY WANTED THIS: Charles Hamilton Feat. Pharrell – Hyperspeed

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